Digital Meltdown
Computing the uncomputable
MIT Architecture - Design Studio: Interaction Intelligence​​​​​​​
We offer a physical object that prompts conversation to overcome polarization resulting from technological drama.
Concept: Merve Akdogan, Cassandra Lee
Time: February 2023 - current
Role: Object Design, Fabrication, Concept Design
Instructor: Marcelo Coelho​​​​​​​
Multi-player game which approaches digital polarization by offering an opportunity to contextualize opposing beliefs, or employ self critique to similar ones. Custom designed controllers and game cards guide players to share the lived experiences which complicates the act of responding to questions in the binary.
# framework for questions

The paradox of identity : Questioning the sense of self in symbiosis with machine.
The cultural ritual of social media: Affirming the identity, sharing data, communities of internet
The addictive power of immersive technologies : Electronic surveillance, addiction
Being alone and being together : Sense of individualism, togetherness on internet
The speed: Games and gamification of things, consumerism, speeding up with technology
Game Play
The game is an interaction between three modalities: physical controllers, where each player has one, a 1D digital display or LED strip, and physical cards. Slider dimension is necessarily polar, we wanted to consider how to bring nuance and depth to a simple slider interaction.
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