Ghost Stories - Carrier Bag Theory of Architecture
exhibited at:
18th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia The Pavilion of Turkiye 
Test Drive, “A manifesto for The Carrier Bag Theory of Architecture”
Kanazawa 21st Century Museum 
"DXP (Digital Transformation Planet): Towards the Next Interface"
Video: Merve Akdoğan
Music: Basar Ugur
Collaboration with SO? Architecture and Ideas

When working with abandoned structures, the main challenge is envisioning their future stages. How will the first occupants enliven them? It may take time to go beyond our preconceptions and challenge our inherited ways of thinking, but technology can help us see possibilities and potentials. We can use technology as a practical tool, without having to treat it as a magical solution that can overcome all of our challenges or as a threat that will take over jobs. For this project, we utilised AI and machine learning to explore the potentials of abandoned structures.We are attempting to find a common ground between human intelligence and machine intelligence in order to overcome preconceived barriers, imagine transformations, and test the second life of a structure. We used the photos of abandoned structures that were collected through our open call as a means to train an AI model, which was then merged with pretrained models. We utilised image generation models and image-to-image transformations to discover alternative methods to bring these empty structures to life. The prompts for generating images are also developed collaboratively, based on the categories that we created as a team. Each of us contributed to prompt creating process for each category or building, and then AI was fed with these prompts to generate new proposals. Categories include architectural features as well as the atmospheric details in the photos of the abandoned structures. Here in this video, AI provides a demonstration of a possible future – not a techno-heroic one, but a realistic one.

View from Kanazawa 21st Century Museum

View from Turkiye Pavilion

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