Hallucinating Traditions
Multi-channel Video Work
State of Fashion Biennale 2024 | Ties that Bind

Artistic director:  Azra Akšamija
Videos: Merve Akdogan
Project development: Merve Akdogan, Shua Cho
Time: June 2024
Photo Credits: Eva Broekema
The Hallucinating Traditions project explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, fashion, and cultural identity through animated portraits of Azra Akšamija that imagine future traditional fashion. The project begins with Akšamija curating a diverse dataset of images, including photographs of her face and an array of historical costume references from around the world. These carefully selected images are the foundation for training advanced AI software, generating a sequence of morphing portraits. In each portrait, Akšamija appears wearing speculative headgear designs that seamlessly blend elements from various cultural traditions and eras, blurring the lines between the past, present, and future. As the portraits transition from one to another, the boundaries between cultures and periods become increasingly fluid, challenging viewers to reconsider their notions of identity and tradition. While grounded in historical references, the AI-generated headgear designs offer a glimpse into a future where technology may significantly shape even the most intimate aspects of our lives, such as personal adornment and cultural expression. By embracing AI's transformative potential in fashion and cultural identity, the project pushes the boundaries of what is possible, encouraging us to imagine a world where technology and tradition coexist in surprising and innovative ways. Hallucinating Traditionsisa is a visual exploration of speculative fashion and a meditation on the malleability of the role of identity and technology in shaping our understanding of self and culture. The portraits serve as thought-provoking "cultural prototypes," inviting viewers to contemplate the shifting ideals, values, and aesthetics that define our past, present, and future.
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