Inside Zeid's World
Istanbul Modern Discovery Space
Design Team: Merve Akdogan, Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktaş
Status: Completed, 2023
Role: Design, Fabrication
Photos: Cemal Emden, Murat Germen
Client: Istanbul Modern
Location: Istanbul
Designed as an innovative and interdisciplinary learning space in Istanbul Modern’s new museum building, the Discovery Space takes children and families on a journey full of inspiration through the world of artists. In this brand-new space, children use their imagination, explore art, and play games to enhance their creativity. Inspired by the productions of artists, the Discovery Space hosts a new education program for children and families every year with HSBC’s support where children can learn about artists whose works have shaped the development of modern and contemporary art in Turkey and about their creative process. “Inside Zeid’s World”, the first workshop in the Discovery Space Education Program, familiarizes children with art through the works of Fahrelnissa Zeid featured in the collection exhibition.
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